The Fountains of Reggia di Caserta

Explore the Fountains of Reggia di Caserta

The Fountains of Reggia di Caserta are some of the most famous features of the spectacular gardens of The Royal Palace of Caserta in Italy. The fountains, whose design is inspired by mythology, are located along the central alleyway of the gardens and attract visitors almost instantly. The water from these man-made fountains falls into the multiple basins that are placed along a canal. Each fountain features multiple sculptures from Roman mythology, including dolphins, Aeolus, Ceres, Venus, and Adonis to name a few. The most bewitching aspect of the design of these fountains is that they appear to be spread over a much shorter distance than the 3 km stretch of the alleyway they actually cover. To create this illusion, designers have used short waterfalls with large basins and combined them with wide segments of grasslands to create a lasting impression. Exploring the Fontana Reggia di Caserta is a great experience and provides a memorable lesson in history and architecture in an engaging and interesting manner.

Fountain of The Dolphins

This fountain features the sculpture of a sea monster having a dolphin’s head and flanked by two smaller dolphins. The water flows out of the mouth of the sea monster and is collected in a huge basin having a length of 470 meters, a width of 27 meters, and a depth of 8 meters. The stripped ashlar present in the background of this amazingly designed fountain creates a perfect setting of geometrically patterned rocks placed in a beautiful natural setting.

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Fountain of Aeolus

Placed at the second position in Fontana Reggia di Caserta, the fountain of Aeolus is known for its massive size. It is a tribute to Aeolus, the God of Wind, who is urged by goddess Juno to unleash the fury of winds to punish Aeneas and the Trojans. The fountain features a total of 28 statues and has a width of 80 meters. What makes the fountain unique is that it is amongst the few unfinished works featured in the gardens.

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Fountain of Ceres

The fountain features the sculpture of Ceres, the goddess of the fertility of the fields. Ceres’ statue is surrounded by sculptures of nymphs, a couple of tritons, cupids, and a pair of bugle-playing dolphins. Flanking the statue of Ceres on either side are the sculptures of male deities Anepo and Arethusa, the two Sicilian rivers. The goddess Ceres is seen holding the Trinacria Medallion, and she was originally adorned with ears of wheat, which were removed during the French occupation.

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Fountain of Venus and Adonis

This is one of the fountains of Reggia di Caserta depicting a scene from Roman mythology. The sculptures of the fountain show Venus requesting Adonis to not go hunting and warning him about fierce animals like lions and wild boars. The statue of Adonis is surrounded by sculptures of dogs looking excited about the prospective hunt. There is also a sculpture of a wild boar hiding in the rocks along with the sculptures of a crowd of nymphs and cupids, who seem to share Venus’ despair.

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Fountain of Diana and Actaeon

The fountain features a great waterfall and a large basin with the sculptures of Diana, the goddess of the hunt and woods, and Actaeon, the person who dared to see Diana naked. The statue of Diana is placed on one side along with the nymphs just ready to jump into the water. The statue of Actaeon is placed on the other side looking at Diana and being transformed into a deer. His sculpture is surrounded by his dogs, who are ready to tear him to pieces once his transformation is complete.

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FAQ's of Reggia di Caserta

How many fountains are there in Reggia di Caserta?

There are a total of five fountains in Reggia di Caserta, with each offering a delightful sight thanks to the numerous mythology-inspired sculptures that adorn each fountain. These fountains are located along the three km stretch of the alleyway that crosses the second part of the gardens of The Royal Palace of Caserta.

Why are the fountains of Reggia di Caserta famous?

The fountains of Reggia di Caserta are famous for their unique design and their numerous mythology-inspired sculptures. The fountains are short and are contained in large basins which give them an expansive look while also creating the illusion of covering a relatively lesser stretch of land than they actually are.

What is the best time to explore the fountains?

The best time to visit the fountains is during the spring and summer months as the garden is in full bloom during this time and the fountains are all working. However, since the weather in the area is pleasant almost all year round, visitors can plan their trip at any time at their convenience.

Which is the oldest fountain in Caserta di Reggia?

The fountain of Venus and Adonis is the oldest of all fountains in the Caserta di Reggia.

Which is the largest fountain in Caserta di Reggia?

The fountain of Aeolus is the largest of all the fountains of Reggia di Caserta.


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