Caserta Palace Gardens

Overview of Caserta Palace Gardens

Constructed in the 18th century, the Caserta Royal Palace Gardens is one of the largest European gardens that took inspiration from the French Gardens of Versailles. Starting from the back side of the Royal Palace of Caserta, this Italian masterpiece is a gorgeous combination of well-groomed gardens and natural woodlands with hunting lodges and a silk factory. The garden includes the English Gardens, consisting of hundreds of rare and valuable plant species from around the corners of the world. It is the greatest, ancient, and most significant part of the Reggia di Caserta.

While exploring the park, visitors can discover plenty of things, such as the Fountains in Caserta Palace, the Carolina Aqueduct, the Parterre and the Old Woods, the English Garden, San Silvastro’s Oasis, and a lot more. You can walk past these places by following the networks of basins and fountains that stretch from the palace to a waterfall in the forest.

Things to See at Caserta Palace Gardens

The Parterre and the Old Woods

There is a vast clearing located near the galleries of the Royal Palace of Caserta. It draws inspiration from the French Garden designs that display large meadows that look like a glass carpet. On the other hand, the Old Woods gives a natural look to the Parterre by standing just before the buildings. This place once used to be the relaxing ground for the court, known as the ‘Secret Place’ for entertainment.

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The Fountains

In the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens, another great thing to see is a long walkway of artificial cascades and fountains that charges several basins along the canal. Visitors are attracted to witness the rich sculptures on the fountain, like Adonis, Aeolus, Ceres, dolphins, Venus, and much more. These fountains are designed in a way that they look tinier than their actual size of 3 kilometres.

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The English Garden

Spread across an area of 24 hectares, the English Garden of Caserta Palace is the first instance of an informal garden in Italy that features numerous rare and exotic plant species from different corners of the globe. Besides this, there are multiple temples, lakes, a bee house, a greenhouse, an English mansion, and plenty of gorgeous elements and statues in the English Garden.

The Carolino Aqueduct

Another beautiful architectural marvel to witness in the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens is The Carolina Aqueduct. It is a 38 kilometers hydraulic element that supplies water to the Reggia di Caserta, the fountains, Naples and Caserta cities, and all the nearby farmlands. Every part of this structure is buried except the bridge which is constructed out of several arches and turrets for better maintenance and enhanced stability.

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The Complex of Saint Leucio Belvedere

Started by Ferdinand IV, The Complex of Saint Leucio Belvedere is a massive village arena in the Reggia di Caserta that features manicured gardens, an organic silk museum, a working silk factory, and the Former Royal Apartments. It is also the area where the rights of women were established at Queen Maria Carolina’s humble request.

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San Silvestro’s Oasis

In the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens, the last thing that you will encounter is San Silvestro’s Oasis. This 100 hectares estate was initially used as a place for hiking, hunting, and witnessing nature by King Charles of Bourbon. Currently, the oasis is raised by the World Wide Fund for Nature which allows tourists to indulge in plenty of exciting activities, like night tours, nature trails, seeing fireflies, learning about bats, and a lot more.

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History of Caserta Palace Gardens

Designed in the 18th century, Caserta Royal Palace Gardens is the fundamental part of the Reggia di Caserta presented by Luigi Vanvitelli and completed by his son Carlo. The architect Luigi Vanvitelli took the inspiration for the design from the gardens of Versailles.

The detention of the area and the planting of the first plants started in 1753 at the same time when the Caroline Aqueduct, which supplied water to the fountains of the gardens, was constructed. The design of the garden created by the architect was reduced by his son due to the lack of funds.

During the construction of the garden, the care of the Caserta Palace Gardens was given to the botanist and gardener John Andrew Graefer along with the architect Luigi Vanvitellu, starting in 1786. The charge of the garden was later taken over by Ferdinand IV, who could not complete the construction work because of military emergencies at the end of the century.

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Know Before You Go to Caserta Palace Gardens

Location and Timings
How to Reach
Visitor Tips
When to Visit

Location: Piazza Carlo di Borbone, 81100 Caserta CE, Italy.

Timings:- Opening Time: 8.30 am (Wednesday to Monday)

  • Closing Time:
  • January: 3 pm (last entry at 2 pm)
  • February: 3.30 pm (last entry at 2.30 pm)
  • March: 4 pm (last entry at 3 pm)
  • April to September: 6 pm (last entry at 5 pm)
  • October: 5 pm (last entry at 4 pm)
  • November: 3 pm (last entry at 2 pm)
  • December: 2.30 pm (last entry at 1.30 pm)

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  • By Flight- You can take a flight from anywhere in the world to the Naples-Capodichino Airport. From there, you can take a train or bus to the Caserta Palace Gardens.
  • By Train- The Napoli Centrale railway station operates trains to Caserta. No matter whether you are traveling from Rome or Pompeii, you can reach Caserta by boarding a train from this station.
  • By Bus- Alternatively, you can board a bus from the Naples Centrale bus station at the Piazza Garibaldi. At this station, you will find buses after every 15 minutes to the Caserta Royal Palace Gardens.

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  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear as you will be required to walk a lot to explore the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens.
  • Get a map from the bookshop so you do not get lost in the vast arena of the Caserta Palace Gardens.
  • Keep a water bottle and some refreshments to keep yourself hydrated and energized at all times.
  • Book your tickets to Caserta Palace Gardens in advance to avoid standing in long queues at the ticket counter under the scorching heat of the sun.

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Although the Reggia di Caserta is a year-round tourist destination, the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens remains its best in the spring and summer months. Hence, you should visit the garden between March and September.

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FAQ's for Caserta Palace Gardens

What is the best time to visit Caserta Palace Gardens?

The best time to visit Caserta Royal Palace Gardens is between March and September. During this time, the place experiences the spring and summer seasons, which makes it an ideal time to explore the gardens of Reggia di Caserta with your friends and family around the luscious greenery. As far as the time of the day is concerned, it is advisable to visit the gardens early in the morning to avoid crowds and explore the garden at your own pace.

Why visit Caserta Palace Gardens?

You should visit the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens as it is the fundamental part of the Reggia di Caserta. It not only offers a beautiful sight to behold but also lets you submerge into the depths of nature with the illusion of the garden spreading to the horizon.

What are the opening hours of Caserta Palace Gardens?

The opening time of the Royal Palace of Caserta Gardens is 8.30 am between Wednesday and Monday. However, the garden closes at different times in different months. It closes at 3 pm in January, 3.30 pm in February, 4 pm in March, 6 pm between April and September, 5 pm in October, 3 pm in November, and 2.30 pm in December. The last entry time of the garden is about an hour before the actual closing time.

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Do the garden and the park at the Royal Palace of Caserta have different timings?

Although both the garden and the park at the Royal Palace of Caserta have the same opening times, the closing times of these attractions are different from each other. The park opens at 8.30 am but closes at 4 pm in January, 4.30 pm in February, 5 pm in March, 7 pm between April and September, 5.30 pm in October, and 2.30 pm between November and December. On the contrary, the garden opens at 8.30 am but closes at 3 pm in January, 3.30 pm in February, 4 pm in March, 6 pm between April and September, 5 pm in October, 3 pm in November, and 2.30 pm in December.


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