Grand Staircase of Reggia di Caserta

Overview of Grand Staircase of Reggia di Caserta

The Grand Staircase of Reggia di Caserta is one of the most admired architectural establishments designed by the famous architect Luigi Vanvitelli. This staircase design has been imitated by all the present architects which inspired the innovation of beautiful and royal staircases among the castles around the world. Discover how smoothly and beautifully the Grand staircase takes you to the oculus, where an invisible orchestra was set up for the entry of the King. Explore the vastness of it and see how it expands into two parallel staircases as you climb them to reach the oculus area.

Observe the amazing artistic wall as the backdrop of the staircases, covered with a dome just above the oculus area. This dome is finely painted, which signifies the story of “Palace of Apollo”, offering perfect blends of pastel colors. As you walk through the staircase, you can experience the mesmerizing rose marble accompanied by the perfectly blended ionic columns around the corners of the pillars of the Grant Staircase. The magnificence of this staircase beholds in its elegant arches, three statues, pretty marble, fine paintings, and two huge parallel staircases, making it a perfect scenography of the 18th century.

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Explore the Grand Staircase of Reggia di Caserta

The Central Staircase

The Reggia di Caserta Staircase is considered a masterpiece of architecture with majestic white marble lion statues and its background decorated with three statues of the Royal Majesty, Merit & Truth. The staircase further expands into a temple which is topped with a dome. The dome used to earlier be an orchestra and is actually a fake dome however it is still revered for intricate beauty and detailing.

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The First Landing

The upper rectangular landing of the Scala Reggia Di Caserta has two marble lions which each serve a purpose. One, they hide the junction between the second floor and the staircase of the first one. Second, they symbolically represent; the strength of reason and weapons as well as assure the king of the ownership of his kingdoms.

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The Statues

There are three statues on Scala Reggia Di Caserta that are representing different values. One of them is on the left hand side and is called the Merit; it is the appearance of a young soldier with a sword and book in his hand representing his merits. Similarly, the second statue in the center is that of the Royal Majesty where his logo represents power and clemency. On their right is a scepter denoting that the king knows what he is commanding. Lastly, towards the right is the truth which is always visible even under the color white and their foot rests on the world indicating that the truth always triumphs.

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The Lateral Staircases

These staircases are way wider comparatively and provide a way for the people to move from the gallery to the octagonal vestibule. Nothing in the Reggia di Caserta Staircase has been built futilely, everything serves a purpose. Thus, the purpose of this staircase is to represent its grandeur and wealth of the sovereign. Moreover, there were several other additions made just ro represent the latter properly, and those were two elevators and numerous staircases.

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The Dome of The Grand Staircase

The Dome of the Scala Reggia Di Caserta is one of the most beautiful attractions here, which is a popular tourist landmark. The dome represents “The Palace of Apollo”, which was painted by the famous Gerolamo Starace. Admire the painting as you explore the central oculus, above which a melodious orchestra was played. Whenever the king used to walk on the Staircase of Honor, the music of the orchestra used to fill up the room. The dome also reflects lights from the nearby window, spreading light all around the area.

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The Upper Vestibule of The Staircase

Main passage, difficult to understand where it begins and where does the staircase stop, surrounded by a portico. The octagonal structure is made in such a way that the eight pillars leave its central part free and the other areas can be occupied by the other dignitaries,i.e., prelates, court staff, dignitaries, etc.

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The Structure

Both the vestibules have the same structure however they look different from each other, the lower one looks like a penumbra whereas the upper one is supported by a portico. The upper structure is majorly used as an aesthetic support, while the lower is recognized as the main support of the whole building. The structure of the building displays the sheer genius and practical approach of Vanvitelli and his designs. There are around 8 major ionic pillars at the lower level that support the building.

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The Columns

The Reggia di Caserta Staircase is finely decorated with beautiful pink and gray colored ionic semi-columns, offering strong connectivity between the structure. There were two types of columns in preference, one is Loreum ipsom and the other is modern ionic, both have slight differences in their designs when looked from afar. Vanvitelli chose an ionic structure which was used in both drawings and the execution of the place. In conclusion you can say that he was a supporter of the neoclassical style of architecture, which inspired most of his work during the 18th century.

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FAQ's of Reggia di Caserta

Why is the Grand staircase of reggia di caserta famous?

The Reggia di Caserta Staircase is famously known for its beautiful and practical architecture of the staircase, which made it an masterpiece of scenography architecture. It is said that the future of the staircase is inspired by this art piece, which makes it a popular spot for all architectural students as well as people who love art and history.

What is the best time to visit Reggia di caserta?

The best time to visit Reggia di Caserta Staircase is early in the morning, when you will experience less crowd and more space and time to explore the whole building. It is recommended that you Plan Your Visit to Reggia di Caserta during the spring and summer months, when you will find the park and gardens surrounding the building in full bloom.

What is the best way to get to the Royal Palace of Caserta?

The best way to reach the Royal Palace of Caserta is by either bus or train. Take a train to Naples, the capital region and from their board any city train that will take you to Caserta. Or you can book a bus to Naples Central bus station, from where you can catch a bus every 15 minutes to Caserta bus stop, from where the palace is just 15 minutes away.

Do I need to book Royal Palace of Caserta tickets in advance?

No, it is not necessary but it is recommended to book Reggia di Caserta Tickets in advance. Online booking will save your time as well as money by providing you with instant confirmed tickets along with various deals and discounts.

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Why is the Royal Palace of Caserta famous?

The Royal Palace of Caserta is famously known for being home to one of the most practical and beautiful staircase structures in the world. The architecture has been an inspiration to many modern day usage of the staircases. The palace is a beautiful building offering well groomed Caserta Palace Gardens and The Fountains for you to relax after your extensive palace tour.


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